Pommes Frites

If you live in New York City and haven’t heard of Pommes Frites then I feel badly for you because you’ve been missing out. This is one of those NYC gems that everyone seems to know about, and, is obsessed with.

Pommes frites are French fries, and Pommes Frites, the little spot in the East Village, sells authentic Belgian fries with your choice of sauce. And they have PLENTY of sauces to choose from. Because this place is such a simple concept, and there’s not too much to go into about it, I think I’ll just list out all the varieties for you and let these delicious combinations speak for themselves.


  • Vietnamese pineapple mayo
  • roasted garlic mayo
  • rosemary garlic mayo
  • sweet mango chutney mayo
  • IMG_0394honey mustard mayo
  • wasabi mayo
  • sundried tomato mayo
  • horseradish mayo
  • pesto mayo
  • dill lemon mayo
  • smoked eggplant mayo
  • pomegranate teriyaki mayo
  • parmesan peppercorn
  • curry ketchup
  • blue cheese
  • cheddar cheese
  • peanut satay
  • Mexican ketchup
  • curry ketchup especial (frites sauce, curry ketchup, and raw onion)
  • dijon mustard
  • barbecue
  • sweet chili
  • hot chili paste
  • war sauce (frite sauce, peanut satay, and raw onion)
  • irish curry
  • wild mushroom mayo
  • organic black truffle mayo
  • bordeaux wine, figs, and sage mayo

Everything you could think of and more right? When you order, you choose your fries size (regular, large, or double) and then one sauce, which you can get either on the side in a little container or slathered over your hot, thickly cut fries. Seriously, they always seem to be steaming hot and fresh out of the fryer when I get them.

So far I’ve tried the wild mushroom mayo, war sauce, parmesan peppercorn, and roasted garlic mayo. All have been awesome, but the first and last ones have been my favorite because if you haven’t figured it out yet from my other posts, I love all things mushroom and all things garlic. I’m looking at you sweet mango chutney mayo and dill lemon mayo for my next visits.

This place stays open late and always seems to have some kind of line when it gets to be nighttime. While there’s a couple stools in the way back, people mainly order (from either the inside counter or the outside window) and eat them on the go. They’re conveniently served in a cone after all! Besides that there’s nothing really more to add. Delicious french fries and great sauce options. What else is there to say? So simple and so good.

123 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10003

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