Gelato is one of my great loves. When I think about that and my obsession with pizza, it really makes me wonder why I’m not living in Italy right now. Italian food is my food soulmate, but alas, I must love it from across the ocean. Living in the big ol’ pizza town that is New York City is the closest I’ll get for now, and it sure does help that this city has some great gelato places like L’arte del Gelato in Chelsea Market, Amorino Gelato in Greenwich Village too, and of course, Grom in the West Village.

IMG_7899While exploring the West Village one lovely weekend afternoon, and after getting lunch at Faicco’s, I finally decided to try Grom. Every time I had been in the area there seemed to be people bustling in and out of the place, and after all, I hadn’t had dessert yet (which is a must!!) so why not.

The store is on the corner and a fairly good size, with a long counter and some tables both inside and out. Like all good ice cream places, they let you sample the flavors before ordering. By the way…has anyone ever been somewhere that DIDN’T let them do this? I feel like this is standard practice now just like with getting free chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants.

After sampling a few flavors, I went with pistachio and coconut in what I think was one of the smaller cup size options, if not the smallest. If you’re wondering why you always see a green scoop in all my ice cream photos, it’s because pistachio happens to be one of my favorite ice cream flavors (and you guessed it, coconut is the other), and oddly enough, I think I’m noticing a trend that a lot of gelato places in NYC are becoming known for how they do their pistachio. Lucky me!

I was taken aback by how much by order cost, especially based on the size, but I guess that’s the price you have to pay for tasty, high-quality gelato in Manhattan. If I’m remembering correctly, it was $5+. It turned out to be okay though because this gelato was SO thick and rich that it filled me up faster than the same amount of normal ice cream would have and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to eat any more. I think it’s actually been the most decadent and heavy gelato I’ve ever had. Needless to say, I loved it.

Pistachio and coconut

233 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014


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