Brooklyn Kolache Co

So, I had absolutely NO idea that kolaches were not a well-known thing until moving to New York City. When I randomly told my roommates that I was craving one, they looked at me and were like, “What are you saying?” Being from Texas, I’ve grown up assuming they were normal breakfast fare right along with doughnuts and breakfast tacos, which I’ve also found out aren’t really a thing here.  It was a sad realization as they’ve always been my breakfast food of choice (unless pizza is an option duhhhh). Forget a super sugary and sticky doughnut in the morning. I want a savory, doughy kolache filled with plump sausage and melty cheese!

If you’re not familiar, kolaches are originally from Central Europe (and made their way to Texas along with Czech immigrants) and they’re basically a soft dough bun filled with either meat/cheese or fruit spreads. By the way, if you ever find yourself in Central Texas, you HAVE to visit Czech Stop in West, Texas (yes, the city’s name is misleading) and sample of some of their delicious goodies and pastries.

I started Googling to see if there were any kolache places in NYC and found Brooklyn Kolache Co in Bed Stuy, very close to where one of my friends (who is also from Texas) lives. We ventured over there one Saturday around noon, and I was unreasonably excited to finally have a kolache again in like half a year. The store seems like a great place to get your breakfast and morning coffee or just hang out and read/work because they have a back room with seating as well as a small garden with tables and chairs.

I wanted to try both a savory and a sweet kolache so I ordered sausage and cheese (my all-time favorite option) and blueberry and cheese (per my friends’ recommendation). If I remember correctly they were around $3.50 each. With your order, they also ask if you want any hot sauce or mustard (to go with the savory ones, of course!).

That first bite took me right back home. While these were made differently than I’m used to–slightly larger and the sausage as a big link sliced in half (rather than a whole, small sausage)–I thought they were fantastic. The bread was soft, buttery, and fluffy, like a dinner roll and there was plenty of gooey cheese inside. While I generally prefer savory foods to sweet ones, the blueberry and cream cheese kolache was also very delicious and satisfying. They have plenty of other flavors as well like pimento and cheese; peanut butter and chocolate; egg, jalapeno, and cheese; strawberry and cream cheese; and ham and cheese, but I’ve heard that by the afternoon there are fewer options available.

If this place was closer to me, I would go here all the time to get a kolache for my weekend breakfast, just like I used to do as a kid in the good ‘ol days. Thanks Brooklyn Kolache Co for a trip down memory lane and some darn good kolaches.

Sausage and cheese kolache, blueberry with cream cheese kolache

520 Dekalb Ave

New York, NY 11205


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