102 Noodles Town/Big Wing Wong

IMG_7913Every time my boyfriend comes to visit, we find ourselves eating at least two meals in Chinatown. It’s cheap and delicious, and we happen to be fans of both those things. Shanghai Cafe is our normal go-to spot, but after already making a trip there a couple days before, we decided that if we were going to keep eating in Chinatown (or Little Italy if you want to get really technical about it), we could at least venture out a bit and try some other places.

We did some googling for the best wonton soup in Chinatown and found a place called 102 Noodles Town/Big Wing Wong (depending on which site you read about it on).We were pumped and ready to try a new place! Well, when we saw the address for it we realized that not only was this place on the same street as our trusty Shanghai Cafe, but it was literally right next-door. So much for stepping outside the box!

IMG_7914We were really in it for the wonton soup so we didn’t order that much. We got the roast duck order ($6.75) and vegetable egg rolls ($3.50) off the appetizer menu and 2 bowls of wonton soup each (like $4.75 each I think?).

The duck was slathered in sauce, which I appreciated, and was oh so juicy and fatty. The egg roll order came with two rolls and they had a great crispy, fried wrapper. And the wonton soup…so many dumplings! Thank you! I really think the dumplings rather than the broth were the highlight of the soup. The meat filling was a mix of shrimp and pork which is different from a lot of places where it’s just pork. I liked that when you bit into one, you could see the plump shrimp pieces. Mmm delicious. I also liked that most of the dumpling was the actual filling and it wasn’t like you were eating more outside dough than anything else.

IMG_7916Overall a very satisfactory meal for a great price. I would love to come back and try their lobster with ginger and scallion deal, which they advertise on their windows like a few other restaurants around Chinatown and goes for around $22. I’ve also heard that they’re congee and roast pork are excellent too.

With how many times we go to Chinatown, I’m sure it won’t take long at all to get around to eating all of that. Twist my arm will ya.

Roast duck order, vegetable egg roll, wonton soup

102 Mott St.

New York, NY 10013


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