Amorino Gelato

I think I mentioned this before in another post, but my favorite food of all time is pizza. If I had to live off one food for the rest of my life, it would pizza. If I had to pick the last meal I get to eat before I die, it would be pizza. I could go on and on but you get the idea. So, why am I mentioning pizza in a post about gelato? Well coming in close second to pizza in my book is ice cream. Specifically, gelato. When I was little, I ate so much ice cream, that my mom let me eat right out of the container (even the half gallons) because it was very likely that I would finish it all before anyone else would get a chance. I know, I know…despite my love affair with all things food and my (crazy) desire to visit every restaurant in New York City, I’ll always go back to these two simple things because they are and will always be my go-to comfort foods.

That being said, on my birthday a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by eating some pizza at Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria and grabbing a cone of gelato. When I was searching for places nearby the restaurant, Amorino Gelato came up and a few of my friends told me that they had tried it when they were in Europe (little did I know that it was a global chain!) and that it was delicious, so I was sold.

There are two really amazing things about Amorino Gelato that I’ve never experience before:

1) You can get as many flavors as you want. Yup. No matter the size cone or cup you get, they won’t stop you from getting all the flavors. Alleluia!

2) Your gelato is scooped/shaped/made (whatever you want to call it) into super cute petals so that your cone comes out looking like a delicious dessert flower. Adorable!

For someone like me who always has super greedy eyes when looking at a menu and wants to order or try as much as possible, this place is absolute heaven. I mean, it’s pretty standard these days to be able to sample as many flavors as you want at an ice cream shop, but being able to order as many as you want too takes things to a whole new level.

The sizes are small (or piccolino) for around $5, medium (or piccolo) for I believe $6.50, and large (or medio) for around $8. And yes, you can still get unlimited flavors even if you get the small/piccolino. I know I was curious about that at first, but it’s true. They weren’t lying!

Since I had quite a bit to eat at dinner, I went with the small size and pistachio, salted caramel, dark chocolate, amaretto, and stracciatella for my flavors. I didn’t want to go TOO overboard my first time here. Five flavors is a normal amount right?! Well, here, it definitely is! It’s still such a mystery to me that they’re able to style your order so nicely, shaping perfect petals of gelato into even the tiniest cone.

The gelato was thick without being heavy, just like I like it. And I don’t want to use the word “strong” to describe the flavors because that doesn’t sound quite right and a little too negative…I guess a more appropriate word would be “natural.” Everything tasted just like it was labeled. Nothing seemed artificial or  full of unnecessary sweeteners that can sometimes compromise the actual flavor. I think the pistachio was probably the best example of what I’m trying to describe, because it tasted like pure pistachios (albeit in gelato form), rather than that super sweet, slightly nutty flavor you get in those bright green pistachio ice creams.

It’s definitely not the easiest on your wallet, but it is incredibly tasty and really, just so much fun to get. Endless flavor options + a pretty cone = a good time.

Pistachio Verde di Bronte AOP, Caramello al Burro Salato, Cioccolato Ecuador Pure Origine, Amaretto, Stracciatella

60 University Pl

New York, NY 10003


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