Doughnut Plant

IMG_7102Back in Texas, the best breakfast foods to me were kolaches and breakfast tacos. Then I came to New York City and found out that those weren’t really things here, and so the bagel became the new breakfast go-to. Through it all, however, was the trusty doughnut. From the South to the East Coast, people love their doughnuts. I soon came to realize just how many specialty doughnut places there are in NYC. There are entire bakeries devoted to selling only doughnuts, some places that do so but entirely gluten-free, and many open all day long, not restricting the food to being early morning grub.

After waiting for an improv comedy show to start at the Upright Citizens Brigade (by the way, so fun and there’s always a chance of celebrity spottings there!), a friend and I had some time to kill so we were looking up places to grab a quick bite to eat. We saw that Doughnut Plant was close by, which was great because we had both been wanting to try it AND it was late on a Sunday night so even better that something interesting was still open. We headed over and walked right into doughnut heaven. As you can see from the photo, the wall is covered with these plushie, sewn, adorable doughnut pillow things, which gives the place a really fun vibe (um also, you have to check out the bathroom when you’re there. It’s like walking into a disco ball).

Of course, with a place that specializes in doughnuts, there’s going to be lots of choices. The doughnuts are separated into being either a yeast or a cake doughnut, the first being the more traditional texture and the second being thicker and more dense. There are some crazy options, like mango and tres leches, right along side more routine breakfast flavors, like cinnamon sugar and banana pecan, and the good ‘ol standbys, like chocolate and vanilla. There are even filled doughnuts that are square shaped! (see my friend’s in the picture)

I ordered the vanilla bean yeast doughnut and the wild blueberry cake doughnut, so I could try both kinds along with a normal flavor and a crazier flavor. When I got my order, I noticed that there was a chocolate doughnut in my bag instead of the blueberry one I ordered. When I let them know about the mix-up, they promptly handed me a blueberry and told me to keep the chocolate. Lucky me because that was my third choice!

The vanilla bean tasted essentially like a glazed donut, and while I liked the blueberry flavor, I preferred the yeast donuts because they were more moist and lighter in texture, which is more like what a doughnut should be in my mind. Next time, I would love to try the blackout cake doughnut (because from my experience, blackout things are delicious) and the chocolate chip cookie cake doughnut, but both weren’t available when I went. And yeah, I realize that that may sound hypocritical of me because I just said how I liked the yeast doughnuts more, but don’t those flavors sound amazing?!

Vanilla bean yeast doughnut, valhrona chocolate yeast doughnut, wild blueberry cake doughnut

220 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011

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