Amy’s Bread

After seeing “The Real Inspector Hound” with a friend in Midtown (by the way, SUCH an interesting play. The English major in me is dying to analyze it), we wanted to hang out for a bit to discuss the performance. Anddddd we kind of didn’t want to go home before getting dessert. Yeah. Just being honest. We started walking with no set destination in mind when we realized that we were getting closer and closer to those bright, flashing lights of good ‘ol awful Times Square. We turned right back around and headed in the other direction. Fat chance we would find a nice cafe to sit in around there! And if we did manage that, it would be way more expensive than what we were looking to spend on some quick, late-night dessert.

We walked around Hell’s Kitchen for a bit until we spotted Amy’s Bread. It was another one of those places I had heard of here and there, and I didn’t know how much luckier we were going to get in this area this late on a Sunday night. We could see that it was still bustling inside so we popped on in.

At first it seemed like one of those places where you grab some pastries or bread and go, but past the narrow walkway in the front where the food counter is is a small seating area with some bistro tables. Perfect!

Like I said, it was like 9 pm on a Sunday so it’s not like there was a giant selection left, but there were still plenty of things that caught our eye. We eventually decided to split a slice of the monkey cake, which is comparable to carrot cake but with bananas, and a coconut dream bar.

I think it’s safe to assume that nighttime is not the best time to go to a bakery if you want fresh goods, but both of these desserts were delicious and not stale at all. Okay, that makes it sound like I had the bar set really low and anything that wasn’t rock hard or dry was going to satisfy me, but that’s not the case! I just feel the need to tell you that even this close to closing time on the last day of the weekend, the desserts were still very tasty. I had actually never had monkey cake before and it reminded me of the banana bread my mom always makes but with some sweet frosting. And I love everything coconut, so bake it with some chocolate and I’m totally there.

I’ve heard that the lines can get pretty long at Amy’s Bread, and judging from how many people were there when we were I can only imagine what it would be like during the breakfast and lunch rush. There are two other locations, one in Chelsea Market and one in The Village, and I’m not sure how the wait times there compare.

Besides the sweet baked goods (which is everything from cupcakes to scones to muffins), there are also savory breads and pastries, sandwiches, and salads. I REALLY want to come back and try some of the actual bread (maybe it’s more of a need because after all, “bread” is in the name!), because some of it just sounds so mouthwatering. Country sourdough…challah…brioche…potato onion dill bread…foccacia with rosemary…rustic Italian. Droooool.

Monkey cake and coconut dream bar

672 9th Ave

New York, NY 10036

(multiple locations)

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