Gotham West Market

What neighborhoods do you think of when you think of good food? The West Village/Greenwich Village?  The East Village? Williamsburg? Anything but Midtown? Well, here comes Gotham West Market to save Midtown, and even better, Midtown WEST, from culinary obscurity and its notoriously limited food options!

I rarely go this far west in the Midtown area, but when I do I always get this eerie feeling. It just feels so much more isolated, more industrial, and I’m always underwhelmed by how few restaurant options there are. In other words, it’s not really my favorite place in New York City to try new eats. But then Gotham West Market arrived and changed the scene a little bit by creating an actual food destination all the way out yonder.

IMG_6835The food market is located at the bottom of a newly developed luxury rental building and has 8 vendors inside. There’s Blue Bottle Coffee, The Brooklyn Kitchen (which sells kitchenware and specialty groceries), The Cannibal (which has charcuterie and drinks), El Comado (which has tapas), Geniune Roadside (which has “Americana” food like sandwiches, burgers, and shakes), Court Street Sandwich Grocers Sandwich Shop, Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, and Velo (which is a bike shop).

The atmosphere is like a classy food court with community tables in the center and the different vendors around the space. Think along the lines of Chelsea Market or even Smorgasburg (when it’s indoors) but smaller, fancier, and with a more streamlined design. Not to make it seem like it’s a “fancy” place where you’re going to get an upscale dining experience, but it has a nice, clean, modern vibe to it.

IMG_6836In truth, I was expecting more vendors, but at least they had a variety. After scoping out all of the options, I decided to split the ración jamón serrano, or serrano ham that’s been aged 18 months, and the patatas bravas, or crispy spicy potatoes in garlic aioli, from El Comado with my friend and then get an Italian combo sandwich for myself from Court Street Grocers, which came with mortadella, salami, hot coppa, mozzarella, pecorino romano, arugula, red onion, mayo, hoagie spread, and red wine vinaigrette on a hero roll.

My order wasn’t necessarily cheap, seeing as each item was around $10, hence what I meant about being a little bit upscale compared to the traditional food market scene. The ham was deliciously salty and man, oh man, I was completely obsessed with the potatoes. They had a perfect crisp on the outside but were pillowy and warm on the inside. And I love how they were generous with the tasty aioli (garlic aioli on everything please!!!). The sandwich was good as well, but for most of my meal, I was just trying to eat as many of these potatoes as I could because they were by far the best thing I ordered.

IMG_6841I’m sure residents of Midtown West are delighted that Gotham West Market decided to make its home here and it’s really nice seeing a space like this open up in an area that seemed like such a culinary blackhole before. Sorry for the harsh words, but really…who do you know that goes to Midtown West to EAT?? Thanks Gotham West for braving the area and bringing some fun food to the neighborhood.

Ración jamón serrano, patatas bravas, Italian combo sandwich

600 11th Ave

New York, NY 10036


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