Levain Bakery


Now that we’ve set that straight, let me start off this blog post with a transcript of a conversation I had with a friend. Let’s call him “T.” Trust me, it’s related.

Me: I want to try that cookie place on the Westside.
T: I know a place on the Westside with really good cookies!
Me: What is it called? Maybe it’s the same one.
T: It’s called Laverne’s.
Me: Umm…do you mean Levain?
T: Oh, yeah that’s it! They have GIANT cookies.
Me: Giant? I didn’t know that. How big?
T: Like as big as a scone!
Me: Um. What? Scones aren’t that big.
T: You know, as big as a BIG scone.
Me: What??
T: Like as TALL as a scone.
Me: Do you mean as THICK as a scone??
T: Yeah!!


True story. This is my life and that is my friend. Despite that disaster of a conversation, we could at least agree that yes, we did in fact have to go to this cookie place, and when we were in the area to see a movie at the Lincoln Center theater, we thought it would be a great time to go.

The storefront is super tiny, and you have to go down some stairs from the street to enter it. Don’t worry about not finding it though, because there’s probably going to be a line or group of people waiting to get in. It definitely moves quickly enough though. I think I remember there being a couple of stools inside, but people really just take their cookies to go because the space is so tight. Or take your bread, scones, muffins, whatever it is that you’re getting with your cookies to go, and no, not instead of a cookie, because it would be a travesty to come here and not get a cookie. Seriously, don’t do that or you’ll break my heart.

There are four cookie flavors, chocolate chip walnut (their most famous), oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate chocolate chip, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip. I went with the first and third. They’re around $4 each if I remember correctly, but remember, they’re “tall” so it’s totally worth it.

IMG_6887My first bite into the chocolate chip walnut cookie was absolute heaven. Warm, buttery, soft, fluffy, melty chocolate, crunchy walnuts = perfection. Oh, and so big! I couldn’t believe that I had been living my life without experiencing this epic of a cookie. And it wasn’t just this flavor that blew my mind. The double chocolate cookie was just as fantastic.

Even though it might have been a little indulgent to eat two cookies in one sitting, I don’t feel bad at all because 1) These were AWESOME  2) Who cares about being too indulgent?? Not me! and 3) After the movie, my friends decided that they wanted to go back to Levain to get a second cookie too, so we all ended up eating two that day anyways. I’m happy to be that kind of influence.

Chocolate chip walnut cookie and dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie

167 W 74th St
New York, NY 10023

(multiple locations)

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