A Salt & Battery

Back when I had brunch at Tea & Sympathy, I noticed that there was a fish and chips place next door with a quirky name. While I’m not the biggest fan of fish (give me chicken, pork, or beef over it any day), I do love when it’s served hot, battered, and with a heap of fresh french fries, so I made a note to come by and check the place out later on. Plus, it was such a funny and memorable name, I kind of wanted to go back just to say I had eaten at a place called A Salt & Battery.

The inside is tiny with only a handful of counter seats, but there’s a couple of benches right outside, which is where we sat and ate our food since it was such a lovely day.

IMG_7850You can choose what kind of fish you want–haddock, pollock, sole, whiting–and if you want a small or large order. If you’re wondering why cod isn’t an option, it’s because, according to their website, the restaurant switched to using only locally grown, sustainable produce, and since cod has been overfished, they switched to pollock to “more fully support out local economy.” Note that the french fries, excuse me, the CHIPS have to be ordered separately. I got a small haddock, and of course, an order of chips.

The small order was actually much larger than I was expecting it to be, so it was plenty for a meal. Out of all the fish and chips I’ve had in my life, this batter is the closest I’ve had to perfect. It was incredibly tasty in every way–hot, crispy, and just the right thickness. The fish was fresh and flaky, and man, the homemade tartar sauce! SO good. It had more of a tang, and was definitely more flavorful, than normal tartar sauce. I used it all up with just half of my fish and was scraping every last drop out that little cup that I could.

There’s actually more than just fish and chips on the menu like other seafood offerings and various side dishes, but what really caught my eye was their dessert, which includes things like a pineapple fritter and a deep fried Mars bar. Surprisingly, I did not get one of these (probably because I ate a cookie from Bouchon Bakery BEFORE getting this for dinner), but I’m very curious to try some of them in the future. And so you don’t feel like such a pig eating all this fried food here, you’ll also be pleased to know that it’s a “trans fat free zone.” So, that means it’s basically good for you, right? Nod with me now.

Small haddock and chips

112 Greenwich Ave
New YorkNY 10011


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