Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro


So, I wish I could tell you more of a back story on how I found out about Artisanal, but really, it’s kind of just a big old question mark in my mind. I had a note on my phone that said “Artisanal (cheese plate).” That’s it. I don’t remember when I made the note. I don’t know who told me about it or where I heard it. But there it was…my phone commanding to get some mysterious cheese plate at some mysterious Artisanal.

I love cheese. I didn’t question it.

Before going to see Newsies the musical with my roommate, we decided to grab dinner at Artisanal, since it was walking distance to the theater and she is a cheese fiend like myself. The restaurant was actually huge, with tons of tables and a cheese cave in the back (!!!).IMG_6817

While you could customize your own flight of cheeses, there were also three set options being the Fromager’s selection, Sinful Experience, and Feisty Redheads. Since everything sounded amazing, we decided to go with the first option, which came with Paglierno (an even-flavored, slightly sweet sheep cheese from Italy), Brillat-Savarin (a rich triple creme cow cheese from France), and Epoisses (a classic, soft cow cheese from France). Yeah, I didn’t know what ANY of those were when I first read them, but I’ve never been disappointed with cheese, so why not give it a go. I also ordered french onion soup and a small four cheese mac n’ cheese. As you can tell, I really felt the need to have cheese in each thing I ordered. I mean I was at a fromagerie after all!

IMG_6818Truth be told, this was the first cheese plate I’ve ever ordered at a restaurant, and I loved it. It was just the right portion to split between two people and each was unique and delicious. The french onion soup came just the way I like it–with good amount of gooey baked cheese all across the top–and the mac ‘n cheese was also just the way I like it–baked with bread crumbs on top. And yeah, the small was definitely big enough for me.

I really don’t think I’ve eaten this much cheese in one sitting, and I was SO full afterwards despite not ordering an actual entree. You could really tell that everything was made with high quality, outstanding cheese.

It was just a cheese overload. My heaven.

Fromager’s selection flight of cheeses, onion soup gratinee, small artisanal mac n cheese

2 Park Ave
New York, NY 10016


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