Tea & Sympathy

IMG_6931Looking for a cute brunch place? Want something like Alice’s Tea Cup? Love everything British? Well if any of those things are true, then Tea & Sympathy is the place for you!

This cute little spot in the West Village is all things British. There are floral tablecloths, photos of the royal family, tea kettles along shelves, and yes, hosts and waiters/waitresses who are actually British, accents and all! There’s even a fish and chips place and a little British store next door where you can get candies, cookies, and treats from the U.K. Hello, mini cadbury eggs. So basically, my roommates and I now refer to this little part of NYC as Wee Britain. Arrested Development anyone?? 

IMG_6938We ordered some English Breakfast tea to share and were delighted by how pretty the tea cups and kettles were. Since I’m not that into regular breakfast foods, I orders the bangers (aka sausages) and mash (aka mashed potatoes) with onion gravy as well as a grilled tomato on the side.

My dish was actually a MUCH bigger portion than I thought it was going to be. They gave me a massive scoop of mashed potatoes, which were so hearty and creamy. The onion gravy was delicious and the sausage was juicy. Also, I love how they didn’t just serve me slices of tomato, but gave me a big plump tomato half.IMG_6939

Even though I didn’t order it, I had to take a picture of my roommate’s order of spaghetti on toast. We were all so intrigued by it when we saw it on the menu, and  after the British lady eating at the table next to us peeked over and told us that it was her favorite meal when growing up in England, my roommate decided to just go for it. And she ate every last bite.

While pretty tiny, Tea & Sympathy is quaint with charming decor, a friendly staff, and a lot of signature English foods. So, if you ever looking to try British food or are missing food from your home across the pond, then make a stop here.

Bangers and mash with onion gravy, a grilled tomato, and English tea

108 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10011


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