Holey Cream


After getting dinner at Gotham West Market, my friends and I were fiending for some dessert. We did a quick search in Google maps, and Holey Cream was one of the first places nearby to pop up. With a name like that, none of the other suggestions could compare.

I love how when you have no idea about and absolutely zero expectations for a place, and then you get there it’s better than you could have ever imagined. When we stepped into Holey Cream and saw that we had somehow stumbled upon a place specializing in make-your-own donut ice cream sandwiches, we knew we hit the jackpot.

At Holey Cream, you can actually get a lot of things like brownies, smoothies, ice cream, cupcakes, and frozen yogurt on top of various kinds of donuts. But, when I saw the giant painting on their wall explaining how you can “build your dream donut,” my stomach forgot all about how stuffed it was and was like, “I want THAT.”

You start with a donut and choose what kind of icing, topping, and three different kinds of ice cream you want. Yes, that’s right. THREE.  I chose the chocolate glaze topped with heath bar bits, and pistachio, moose tracks, and raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. Yeah, those flavors don’t make any sense at all, but I love them all separately and this donut ice cream sandwich thing was already so crazy I thought why not go over the top with it. The guy at the counter creating my dream donut actually asked me if I was sure that I wanted those ice cream flavors. Way to make me feel like a weirdo! Haha, but it was all in good fun. People probably never order pistachio ice cream, but that just so happens to be my favorite flavor!

Despite having a huge dinner, I ate every last bite of my donut ice cream sandwich. And while I normally prefer pistachio ice cream, as mentioned before, the raspberry chocolate chip flavor was my favorite this time around. This was such a fun and whimsical dessert and  unlike any other donut or ice cream sandwich I’ve ever had, so for all your sundae lovers/donut lovers/dessert lovers in general…go wild at Holey Cream.

Famous original donut ice cream sandwich (chocolate glaze; heath topping; pistachio, moose tracks, and raspberry chocolate chip ice cream)

796 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

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