Andre’s Cafe & European Bakery


Much like what prompted me to try Two Little Red Hens, I frequently passed by Andre’s Cafe when walking to the subway and always commented (in my head) about how cute the store was and how delicious the pastries in the window looked.

A few friends and I decided to have quite the cultured Saturday when we visited the Jewish Museum (which is free all day Saturday), and I thought this would be the perfect time to grab a bite to eat at Andre’s Cafe afterwards while still on the Upper Eastside.

Although we went at a random time in the afternoon, I think around 2 or 3 pm, the place was packed. Granted, Andre’s Cafe is quite tiny so it doesn’t take that many people to fill it. It’s really only a long hallway with tables along the sides. While there was someone manning the to-go counter at the front, there was only one waitress tending to all tables. So, in other words, we understandably had to wait a while to place our orders, get water for the table, and pay the check.

The menu looked fantastic, with a wide variety of Hungarian entrees like veal goulash, chicken paprikash, crepes, and savory strudels. I knew coming here that I was only going to get dessert, so I went with the cherry and cheese strudel.

Since I just ordered dessert, my food got to the table quickly as they simply brought it over from the front counter. The whip cream was fresh, and I loved that they served the strudel warm. It was also a bigger portion than I was expecting a single serving to be. The filling was delicious and the sourness of the cherries went well with the  sugar and cream cheese.

Based on the quality of my strudel and how authentic everything sounded, looked, and tasted, I am DEFINITELY going to come back here to for lunch or dinner. It’s really about time that I try some chicken paprikash instead of just enjoying how fun it is to say out loud.

Sour cherry and cheese strudel

1631 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10028

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