Two Little Red Hens

IMG_6800Do you have a place that when you pass by it on your daily walk to the subway or bus, you’re like, “That looks good! I want to go there!” Then you pass by it again the next day, and you’re like, “Man, I have to try that place.” And this keeps happening the day after that and the day after that? Well, that’s how Two Little Red Hens was for me until get this…I actually stepped inside one day. Shocker.

One weekend, my roommate and I were trying to save a little bit of money, so instead of going out for dinner, we just went out for dessert. Hey, we tried. Since we were feeling lazy and didn’t want to venture too far, we went to a bakery in our neighborhood that one of my coworkers suggested (a coworker who is quite the expert in pastries, sweets, and baked goods mind you).

Two Little Red Hens is small, with most of the store being an L-shaped counter with desserts on display and just a few seats at a counter and table, but it feels very quaint and cozy. Despite the gloomy weather, there were quite a few customers coming in and out when we were there. Or maybe they were all getting cupcakes to brighten their day? I mean that always works for me.IMG_6804

They were mainly selling cupcakes and different kinds of pie, and after seeing how good everything looked, I did what I always do when I can’t decide between two choices…I get both! I ordered a marble cupcake, which is a white and chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge and Swiss vanilla buttercream icing, and a Brooklyn blackout cupcake, which is chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and fudge frosting. I mean I needed one to eat there and one to eat at home you know…

IMG_6801The first thing I noticed about these cupcakes that made them different from any other I’ve had was the frosting. It was so light and airy and reminded me of whip cream rather than a thick, sugary frosting. The cakes were so moist, and the gooey pudding inside the blackout cupcake made it even more decadent.

Each cupcake was $3, which I thought was a fair price, and you could also get mini cupcakes for $1.75, which are the same flavors. Maybe that’s what I should’ve done when I wanted to try different kinds, but I have no regrets. And why should I? Just look at those cupcakes.

Marble cupcake, Brooklyn blackout cupcake

1652 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10028

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