To commemorate Smorgasburg making its way back outdoors for the season this past weekend, I present to you, my time at Smorgasburg!

Boy, was I mad that I didn’t find out about this Brooklyn food market sooner. The weekend I went there was actually the second to last weekend before it went back indoors, so yeah, it’s been a while. Let me give you the scoop, so you don’t waste any time NOT enjoying Smorgasburg like I did. IMG_5349

IMG_5362Smorgasburg is a collection of tents with various food vendors located at the East River State Park on Saturdays and Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sundays (except during the winter when it moves inside a warehouse along with the Brooklyn flea market). By “food vendors,” I mean there are places where you can grab something to eat right then and there, and there are places selling assorted food products like salsa, chocolate, dressing, hot sauce, pickles, nut butters, jams, honey, and coffee. And don’t forget to bring cash and aim to go early if you want to avoid long lines.

The best way to go about doing Smorgasburg (or uhh…the way I would recommend doing it) is by sampling a little bit of a lot of things and making a day out of it. It’s especially lovely to go here when the weather is nice and you can enjoy the outdoors and fantastic views.IMG_5368

IMG_5351When I went with a few friends one Saturday, we got a pretty varied of selection of food. We grabbed a bite at the Jack’s Chedbread tent (chedbread=cheesy cornbread), and while I’m pretty picky with my cornbread, having cheese in it is definitely the way to go to sway my favor. I loved how thick the pieces are (it’s also pretty adorable that the slices are cubes). We also got spanakopita, mac ‘n cheese  with breadcrumbs and mushrooms, and an apple cider doughnut (I apologize that I can’t remember the names of the vendors who sold these). One of our more expensive purchases was an iberian ham sandwich, which is made with thinly sliced cured ham. And my favorite purchase of the day was an order of fish balls, which resembled the texture of hush puppies, but was made of fish and came with some dipping sauce and slaw.IMG_5367

IMG_5371Everything we tasted was delicious, and there were quite a few things that looked amazing that I would’ve gotten if I wasn’t so stuffed like Cemita’s Mexican Sandwiches and Lumpia Shack. It’s worth noting that you can get the famed ramen burgers here, but the line was incredibly long–by far the longest wait for all the tents. One day I will try that outrageous creation…

IMG_5350If I had more money to blow, I would’ve scooped up a tone of the packaged food products too. Many of the vendors have free samples out for you to try, and all of the people manning the tents are super friendly and willing to speak with you about what they’re selling. Some of my favorite samplings were Queen Majesty’s hot sauce (seriously, that scotch bonnet hot sauce is to die for) and the ramp vinaigrette from Right Tasty (first experience with ramps and an awesome experience at that).

Whether you want to stuff your face with all sorts of good things, spend a nice day outside, or look for a present for that foodie friend of yours, Smorgasburg is the answer.

Chedbread, spanakopita, mac ‘n cheese, apple cider doughnut, iberian ham sandwich, fish balls

East River State Park

90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St.

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