Umami Burger


THIS IS THE BEST BURGER I’VE EVER HAD EVER. Okay, now that I have your attention, let me try and convert you.

I really can’t remember how I heard about Umami Burger, but it had been in the back of my mind for a while, looming. Everyone always talks about Shake Shack, and while yes, I do enjoy their burgers, I’ve never had such a perfect and life-changing burger experience like I had here. As I mentioned before, I’m not a huge burger fan. What I am a huge fan of though is anything truffle. Just my luck that the day I randomly decided to go to Umami Burger with some friends who were visiting for Thanksgiving happened to be during their “Truffle Season” when they have special menu items centered around all things truffle. When I saw that, I knew I was in for something amazing.IMG_6036

While we had to wait a bit for a table, it wasn’t anything ridiculous, and based on my first sentence you can tell that I felt like it was completely worth it. We decided to start with some Irish Truffle fries (from the special Truffle menu), which were skinny fries with truffle fondue, truffled shiitake, and shredded lardons. Does that sound like the most amazing order of fries you’ve ever heard or what? We also ordered some fried pickles from the regular menu.  We scarfed down those fries so fast it was embarrassing. If you didn’t know, lardons are pork fat so basically bacon. Skinny fries (my favorite cut of fries) + mushrooms + bacon + truffle is my heaven. While we also finished the fried pickles, the fries were so very clearly the showstopper of our appetizers that they couldn’t really compare. Along with these two, they gave us some dipping sauces (habanero sauce, garlic aioli, and jalapeno ranch). Surprise surprise, the garlic aioli was our favorite, but the kick of the jalapeno with the ranch went great with the pickles.

IMG_6040Now, on to the most amazing burger of my life. While there was a Truffled Shiitake Royale burger on the special menu, I went with the Truffle Burger which was a classic burger on their regular menu. Both of these burgers came with truffle glaze, but the truffle burger came with something called “house-made truffle cheese” so I chose that one. Umami Burger, I get it. It’s your mission to create combinations of my favorite food items in the world. You get me.

My first bite of this burger was the best first bite I’ve ever had. I know it sounds like I keep saying things like “the best” and “most amazing,” but I’m NOT LYING. I’ve never really considered what my greatest “first bites” were before, but when I bit into this truffle burger, I knew that this was definitely one of them. While it seems like a fairly simple burger, the flavor combinations were just out of this world. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Umami Burger cooks their burger meat to medium, so beware if you don’t like your burgers pink, but that’s exactly how I like my burgers. It was just so juicy and rich and if ever I would use the phrase “party in my mouth” it would be for this. IMG_6042

This isn’t the place to go if you want a casual joint with burgers under $10. But this is the place to go if you want to have a burger revelation. Don’t worry if you’re not a truffle fanatic like I am. Umami Burger has plenty of other burgers that sound wonderful too like the Port & Stilton burger, which comes with blue cheese and port-caramelized onions, and the Ahi Tuna burger, which comes with ahi tuna, crushed avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled ginger, and wasabi flakes. I can’t wait to see how their other burgers stand up to the truffle burger, but the level of execution and amazing flavors I had my first time here makes me think there’s no way I’ll be let down.

Irish truffle fries, fried pickles, and  truffle burger

432 6th Ave
New York, NY 10011

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