Max Brenner

My first thought when I walked into Max Brenner was, “Woah. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is real.” As soon as you enter the restaurant, there’s a little shop to your right with all different kinds of chocolates and sweet gifts. Then, if you look to your left, you can see a bar (a “chocolate” bar) where there are pipes going every which way with actual chocolate flowing through them. How can you not think Willy Wonka?IMG_5270

My roommate and I came here with the sole purpose of getting dessert. Yes, this is a real restaurant and you could totally have lunch or dinner here (I actually saw a lot of people ordering pizza), but it would  kind of be a sin (or just really weird) to eat here without getting some kind of dessert.

Their dessert menu is expectedly quite extensive. They have various hot chocolates, from Mexican spicy hot chocolate to Swiss whip to salty caramel. They have “chocktails” and milkshakes like a cookie shake, a chocolate hazelnut shake, and a strawberry white chocolate smoothie. They have various crepes and waffles in flavors like tutti frutti and peanut butter banana chocolate. They have different kinds of fondue with crazy options like banana tempura and crystal sugar churros. And they have an “i scream” section which includes things called the “euphoria peanut butter chocolate fudge sundae” and the “spectacular melting chocolate s’mores sundae.”

IMG_5271 But wait. I haven’t even gotten to the true stars of their dessert menu. The “sweet icons” section. This is the part of the desserts menu that completely captured me and my roommate’s attention. My roommate ordered the s’mores concoction from there, which was a whimsical platter of marshmallow fluff, chocolate mousse, graham crackers, and caramelized bananas, while I ordered the melting chocolate truffle heart cake and shake, which consisted of a milk and white chocolate heart cake with vanilla ice cream, berries, and an iced milk chocolate shot.IMG_5272

Now, Max Brenner is far from cheap. My dessert order by itself cost me $15 (imagine if I would’ve gotten dinner too!). But you’re paying for the experience and some high quality sweets. The cake was SO decadent. It was incredibly rich, warm, gooey inside, and made with top notch chocolate. The berries and cold ice cream were definitely appreciated accompaniments for it. And yes, thank you Max Brenner  for giving me some chocolate to drink while eating chocolate. The cold chocolate shot wasn’t as rich as the cake, but when you’re eating both together…it’s kind of insane. And if you’re looking at the photo, you might be wondering what’s in that silver shaker. Well, dear ol’ Max Brenner gave me a shaker of hot fudge sauce to pour over my cake and ice cream as I pleased. CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD.

After this meal, my roommate and I thought we would never eat desserts again. Seriously, we were so stuffed that the last thing we ever wanted to think about was something sweet. It’s really a crazy day when I can’t imagine ever eating dessert again. Despite making me a little delirious with the amount of sugar I consumed, Max Brenner is an expert at making some truly amazing chocolate creations.

The melting chocolate truffle heart cake & shake

841 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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