Num Pang

If you have the lunchtime blues, let me help you out. This is for you guys who are done eating deli meat + processed cheese sandwiches, for the people who are through with bland, boring packaged salads, for everyone who’s fed up with their combination of chips and fruit that they’re trying to pass off as lunch. Get your butt over to Num Pang, and get excited.

You may take a glance at Num Pang and think, “Oh a sandwich shop? How exciting.” Well that would’ve had to have been one quick glance, because it is by no means your average sandwich shop. Num Pang’s creations are billed as “Cambodian inspired” sandwiches, so think along the lines of Vietnamese sandwiches like banh mi…but different. They’re all served on a fresh baguette with cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro, and chili mayo and your choice of meat or vegetable. So what kind of variations can you get? Well, there’s skirt steak, roasted cauliflower, coconut tiger shrimp, hoisin meatballs, peppercorn catfish, pulled duroc pork, spicy organic tofu, roasted chicken ‘chimi’,  khmer sausage, ginger barbecue brisket, and five-spice glazed pork belly (which is what I got). Do you believe me now when I say this is not your ordinary sandwich? IMG_5267No this…this is heaven in every bite. The toppings, sauce, and marinades, create a perfect bite every single time. As you can see, my photo is not the best, because in all honesty, I was wayyyyy too excited to let this sit in front of me for too long without diving into it. So basically, this is going to be one of those posts where it’s pretty much just me rambling on and on about how much I love this place and its food without really giving you much helpful information, but let me try.’s cash only. There’s often little or no seating room. All the sandwiches are priced around $8 to $10, which is a pretty decent for such a delicious and creative thing. Okay, that’s it. I tried. I would rather just gush about how delicious these sandwiches are. Crunchy, spicy, juicy, fresh, tangy, sweet…did I mention heaven in my mouth??

Really at this point, you need to just stop reading and head to the nearest Num Pang. Maybe it’ll help if I stop writing. GO! You’ll see.

Five-spice glazed pork belly sandwich

21 E 12th St.

New York, NY 10003

(multiple locations)

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