Milk & Cookies Bakery

What kind of Groupon shopper are you? Do you scan through the site and stock up on things that could possibly come in handy one day, rationalizing the purchase any way you can (e.g. “Of course, I’ll need some new pairs of socks one day, right?”) or do you restrain yourself and only go there to search for a very specific thing and move on (Like me yesterday for Yankees tickets)? It’s really a great thing when you get the best of both worlds, and you’re just kind of looking around and see a deal for something that’s been on your to-do list for a while and were planning to go to any day now. And I mean for real. That’s how I ended up with a pretty sweet deal for Milk & Cookies Bakery.

I feel like Milk & Cookies Bakery is a popular and well-known place, so I was actually surprised that they had a Groupon offer. I mean, do they really need help in getting customers? And it seems like they have this deal going on fairly frequently. I immediately bought the offer, and just like that I was going to get double for my money.

The bakery is located on a really cute, quiet side street in the West Village, making it a great place to pop in and grab a treat if you’re strolling around the area. If you want a little tip, the narrowest house in New York City (75 1/2 Bedford St.) is just down the street and worth taking a peek at. The place is pretty cozy (Milk & Cookies not the narrow house…but maybe that too), with only  a couple tables and some counter seating. The storefront is basically a giant window, so it’s nice to sit inside for a while and people watch. It was especially nice on the winter wonderland-like day when my roommate and I went there. Blue tiled tables, a fireplace (although it wasn’t on), snow falling outside, smell of cookies being freshly baked…what a dream.

We probably stood in front of the counter, staring at the menu, for a good 5 minutes because everything sounded amazing and we wanted to make sure we got as many things as possible for our money. You really have to strategize with these Groupons you know. The deal was $10 for $20, so after splitting it with my roommate I was able to technically only spend $5 and get a white chocolate hazelnut brownie, a chocolate chip cookie, and a milk chocolate caramel cookie in return. I think that was quite a steal!

The brownie and the chocolate chip cookie definitely tied for my favorite.  I’ve never actually had a white chocolate brownie before, so that was something new and tasty, and I loved how thick it was. The latter was interesting because the chips were actually more like flakes of chocolate, which was a fun twist to the typical chocolate chip cookie. And even though I preferred the other desserts more, the milk chocolate caramel cookie was nothing to sneeze at. It had big chunks of gooey caramel that helped the cookie hold its own.

While I wish the treats were served warm, I still enjoyed my experience and what I bought at the bakery. It’s also interesting to note that you can design your own dozen cookies or dough. You just pick the base and what toppings you want and they’ll whip it up for you! I wonder how many people actually end up making the cookies when the buy the dough option though. I mean, any normal person would eat that straight out of the tub.

Chocolate chip cookie, milk chocolate caramel cookie, and white chocolate hazelnut brownie

19 Commerce St
New York, NY 10014

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