Fig & Olive

I was soooo close to not going anywhere for NYC Restaurant Week. I originally wanted to go for lunch to be able to pay less but still have a nice meal, but then I realized that most if not all of the restaurants were only offering the restaurant week lunch menu Monday to Friday, which was not going to happen for me. Then I was like fine, I guess I’ll have to suck it up and go somewhere for dinner, so I looked through the prix fixe menus of  the listed restaurants I’ve been wanting to try and wasn’t really impressed with their offerings. I gave up for a few days thinking why force it. If I was going to shell out $35 for dinner, I wanted to at least be interested in every course.

Then, I saw the dinner menu at Fig & Olive. All the options for appetizer, entree, and dessert sounded fantastic. And even better, it had what I really look for in a restaurant week menu–each course was something special that I wouldn’t normally get and seemed fancy (I mean you have to justify the price!). I was sold.

IMG_6699Some friends and I made a reservation for dinner one Friday evening at the Uptown location. This was the first Fig & Olive to open up (there’s two others in New York City) and from what I understand is smaller and more intimate. We sat at the seating along the wall which is a long booth on one side of the tables, and chairs on the other side. Sidebar: Every time there’s this half booth-half chair situation at a restaurant do you guys run to the booth side because it’s comfier and more spacious too? Well, at Fig & Olive the chairs are also quite comfortable, so no losers here. IMG_6703

You get some bread and three varieties of olive oil for dipping when you sit down. I wish I could tell you what kind they were but I don’t remember. One was peppery, one was fruity…they were all good. For my choices, I selected the truffle mushroom croquette, primavera lobster risotto, and chocolate pot de creme. The croquette was my favorite item of the meal. Like, I loved it. Like really really loved it. I wanted them to just keep giving me plates of it. You already know truffle anything is going to be outstanding, and it was a combination of some of my favorite things–cremini mushrooms, parmesan, bechamel sauce, truffle olive oil aioli, and FRIED. The croquettes were crunchy and warm, and the parmesan and aioli were incredibly flavorful. There was just enough of every component to have a delicious balanced bite every time. I was seriously dragging my croquettes around the plate so that no drop of aioli and no shaving of parmesan was left behind.

IMG_6700The “primavera” in the lobster risotto was made up of asparagus, carrots, heirloom cherry tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, and snow peas–all of which were fresh. The rice was creamy and the lobster was juicy, so what more could you want out of something called “primavera lobster risotto”? The chocolate pot de creme came highly recommended (*cough*from Yelp*cough*), so I knew it wouldn’t let me down. It was silky and rich, like a fancy grown-up’s chocolate pudding, and came with a cute little praline financier.

Basically, I was one happy camper after this meal, and I’m oh so glad I didn’t pass up on this Restaurant Week deal. I mean I can only eat fancy so many times before I go broke. *checks calendar to see when parents are visiting next*

Truffle mushroom croquette, primavera lobster risotto, and chocolate pot de creme

808 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10065

(multiple locations)

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