Cafe Lalo


So one time I tried to go watch Frozen at the fancy movie theater in the Upper Westside with some friends, and when I found out it was sold out, I went with my go-to backup plan for any activity–get some dessert. Don’t worry, I went to see Frozen the next weekend, and grabbing some cake at Cafe Lalo was definitely no disappointment.

You might recognize Cafe Lalo from a little scene in a movie called You’ve Got Mail. It’s the coffee shop where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s characters meet, and you can check it out here. After watching that clip, I realized that my friends and I were actually sitting at the same table as they were in the movie so that made me pretty pumped. Well…the set-up was a little different in the movie, but we were right there okay!

The place is quite small and has some cute vintage-French-looking decorations and great floor-to-ceiling windows. It was packed when we got there, but we still managed to get a table right away, although it was a tight squeeze.

For such a small space, I was surprised at how much was on their menu. They do brunch and have lots of cocktails and beverages you can order, but the most amazing thing was how many different kinds of desserts they offer. There were pies and tarts and pastries and cookies and ice cream. And oh yeah, cakes on cakes on cakes. Seriously, so many amazing things to choose from.

Because of how many delicious sounding things there were, I looked to the “Lalo Suggestions” portion of the menu and ordered the “Chocolate Trip,” which was a chocolate walnut truffle cake with homemade mixed berry sauce, French Vanilla ice cream, and mixed nuts. Um…perfect.

The cake was super silky and rich, which went well with the sweet sauce. I loved the added texture of the crushed nuts, and having a spoonful of cold ice cream with every bite made my mouth and tummy oh so happy.

So while I can’t write about any of the savory foods at Cafe Lalo, I highly recommend the dessert. I mean with such an extensive selection, there’s definitely something for everyone! Like apple brown betty cake, pistachio lemon mousse, bailey’s coffee cheesecake, sour cream pear and rum raisin cobbler, tiramisu macaron cake, caramel fleur de sel tart, apricot rugalach…I’m not lying when I say that that’s just barely scratching the surface. Hey, maybe that’s why the seating area is so tiny…they have to have somewhere to put all that dessert!

Chocolate trip

201 W 83rd St
New York, NY 10024

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