Pam Real Thai

I don’t know if you guys have seen this article, but BuzzFeed made a list about things you have to eat in New York City during the winter time. Seeing as this winter has been going on for an eternity and I don’t know what it feels like to be not cold anymore, I’ve had plenty of time to make my way to each of these places.

I got to check out one of these places when a friend and I were looking for somewhere to get dinner before the Disclosure concert at Terminal 5 one Sunday evening. Now, Terminal 5  isn’t in the most convenient location since it’s all the way on the West Side, like ALL the way, where there’s room for actual car dealerships (what?! car dealerships in the city?!). So, I wasn’t very hopeful about finding somewhere good to eat around there, but I looked up the locations of some of the restaurants I’ve wanted to check out, and it just so happens that Pam Real Thai, a place on that BuzzFeed list, was within walking distance.

The windows and walls of the restaurant are lined with Zagat ratings, awards, and media mentions, but it’s really a no-fuss place with a simple and non-flashy seating area. Even though there were quite a few people dining there, we were able to get a seat right away. In fact, that service was actually very prompt because we didn’t have to wait long at all for our food once we ordered it, which was perfect for getting to the concert in time. And speaking of ordering, there’s quite a bit on the menu, and there’s even a few items on it that have things like “NYT-recommended!” next to it so you can’t go astray.

I already knew I was going to get the ox tail soup from BuzzFeed, which actually wasn’t on the online menu when I looked before but was deemed “NYT-recommended.” It was a much bigger portion than I was expecting and similar to the size you would get when ordering pho. I love ox tail (thanks Filipino heritage!), but this was the first time eating it not in a Filipino setting. I was a bit surprised at the soup’s tang, but there was a nice flavorful mix of spices, herbs, and lime. The meat was super tender and the hot broth was  wonderful to slurp on a cold evening.

Just so you know, the prices here are great, especially for being in Midtown, with dishes being mainly in the $8-$13 range. Any time you can get something under $10 in New York City is a good time.

Ox tail soup

404 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019

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