Magnolia Bakery


Do twenty-something year olds ever buy birthday cakes for their friends? It’s not really something that I see happen, unless everyone else my age out there does have friends who buy them big cakes, in which case I need to tell my friends to step up their game. Sometimes, friends might bake you a cake. Maybe. But I think the new thing, or the cool thing, to do these days is buy a box of cupcakes. They’re pretty, so it kind of makes up for not getting someone a present, and they’re easier to share with a big group. Hey, as long as you get some kind of dessert on your birthday, it’s a good birthday, right?

One evening after celebrating a friend’s birthday at Fiddlestick’s, I suggested that go to Magnolia Bakery to continue the birthday celebration and grab some cupcakes. As expected, everyone was down with that. Magnolia Bakery is one of the more well-known cupcake places in New York City, and I had been meaning to go, so it felt like it was the perfect occasion since we were within walking distance.


The store itself is very quaint and cute. There’s often a line and there’s only enough room really to place your order. I remember that there was one little bistro table with two chairs in there, but now that I think about it, there might have been a sign saying that table was for employees only…

While they had all different kinds of sweets, we all ordered cupcakes. I got the vanilla cupcake (which they say is their most popular) with chocolate buttercream frosting. The other cupcake in the photo is the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting that I bought for the birthday girl, so I can’t attest to that flavor, but I’m sure it was similarly delicious.

Due to the lack of space inside and our big group, we got our cupcakes to-go (look how cute and handy the to-go boxes are!) and walked to the little park across the street to enjoy them.

I feel like with cupcakes you always  end up favoring either the icing or the cake. Well, unless you’re someone who absolutely hates icing or absolutely hates cake, of course. At Magnolia Bakery, the icing is outstanding. It’s thick and creamy without being overly sweet or overpowering the cake. It’s the best frosting I’ve had EVER. Period. And that’s saying something because I’m definitely one of those people that favors cake over icing because I often find that it can make the dessert just too sugary. Now, don’t jump to conclusions and think that means the cake was bad, because it definitely wasn’t.  It was delicious and moist. It’s just that the frosting is so unbelievably good that it steals the show and is worth coming here just to try.

And as a random side note, Magnolia Bakery is also supposed to have some famous banana pudding. That’ll be next on my list*.

Vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting

401 Bleecker St.

New York, NY 10014

* 1/12/14 Guys, I tried the banana pudding and it. was. the. bomb.

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