Wafels & Dinges

I come from Austin, TX, land of the trailer food. I’ve eaten everything from crepes to fried green tomatoes to chalupas to sushi out of a truck in that city, but I’ve only gone to two food trailers here in NYC–Halal Guys (because they have one in Austin that I’m obsessed with) and Wafels & Dinges.

You’ve probably noticed these bright yellow food trailers around town because they’re at quite a few big locations like Central Park, Astor Place, and Columbus Circle. I first saw Wafels & Dinges during my run with the Nike Running Club, where we jogged past the trailer at 5th avenue and Central Park.  Every Tuesday and Thursday with Nike, I would run past that yellow truck and it always looked so good, so tempting, but I restrained myself from straight up ditching the running group and ordering myself a waffle while waving goodbye to the other runners. How could they blame me if I did though?

IMG_5205The story of my time with Wafels & Dinges picks up on Columbus Day, when I was watching the parade on 5th avenue with my roommate. Turns out that the Columbus Day parade is actually just an Italian Pride parade. No problem with that! I snagged a free size L shirt that had a giant Italian flag on it, so I wasn’t complaining. My roommate and I were hoping, more like expecting, there to be vendors selling things like arancini or cannolis around the parade, but there was no food to be found and we were starving. Good thing I remembered that there was a Wafels & Dinges just down the street. Thanks Nike Running Club!

Wafels & Dinges sells Belgian waffles with various toppings like dulce de leche, chocolate fudge, bananas, and strawberries (I’ll spell it out for you. Dinges = toppings). They even have some savory options like bacon and BBQ pulled pork. I got “de throwdown wafel,” which comes with Spekuloos spread and whipped cream and is named as such because it was the waffle that beat Bobby Flay on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. If you’re like me, you read “Spekuloos spread” and thought “huh??” Well, it’s a wonderful and magical dessert paste that tastes like the sweet and spicy Belgian gingerbread speculoos cookies. Think along the lines of Trader Joe’s cookie butter but different.

The waffle was hot and fresh, eating Spekuloos for the first time was a party in my mouth, and the giant dollops of whipped cream on top just tied everything together. By my last bite, I was SO stuffed. Seriously, this was my breakfast and lunch, which was okay ’cause in the end it was a waffle right? If you ever want to grab something on the go that’s also filling, you should get one of these amazing waffles. And if you haven’t tried Spekuloos spread yet, PLEASE go get some there. It’s the new Nutella.

De throwdown wafel

Fifth Avenue

(multiple locations)

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