Four & Twenty Blackbirds

You know how I walked for 40 minutes to get a lobster roll at Luke’s? Well this was kind of the same thing in that I traveled an hour (on the subway though) for pie.

I had heard quite a bit about Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn so I picked up their cookbook, which was beautiful, at the bookstore. That led me to finally check out their website, where I saw all of their winter pie flavors. And THAT got me thinking that I couldn’t get there fast enough. Let me share with you some of what I saw on their site, so you can feel how I felt. Apple Rose, Sweet Potato Apple Crumble, Salty Honey, Black Bottom Lemon, Grapefruit Custard, Lemon Chess, Pink Peppercorn Chocolate, Chocolate Julep (mint + bourbon + chocolate)…running to Brooklyn yet?

Now as I mentioned before, it takes me about an hour to get from my apartment to Gowanus, so I decided to make a day out of going to Brooklyn, even though deep down I really just wanted the pie. I got lunch with some friends at Pork Slope, which was only a 5-10 minutes walk away from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. On the way to the pie shop, we walked through a nearby park where there’s something called the Old Stone House. Yeah, it doesn’t sound so thrilling, but it’s actually a reconstruction of a house that was part of the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776, so it was pretty interesting to learn more about Brooklyn’s part in the American Revolution, because that’s definitely not something you hear about every day.

After doing all of that, it was finally time for pie. The place wasn’t necessarily packed, but all the tables were full. A lot of people were studying or reading like you would at a cafe, which I wasn’t expecting to find here but made complete sense since the tables are quite large and made of beautiful, dark wood.


Just like how I was expecting a ton of flavors because of their website at Beard Papa’s, I thought Four & Twenty Blackbirds was going to have all their Winter pie flavors available for purchase, but there were only about 5 choices that day.

I opted for the salted caramel apple pie because I’m a sucker for salted desserts and then at the last minute threw in a hot apple cider too. They ask if you want whip cream with your pie, and of course, I said YES. The cider was great and warmed me right up, but that’s all I’m going to say about that because really, I just want to talk about the pie. This crust was UNBELIEVABLE. Definitely one of the best, if not the best, pie crust I’ve ever had. It was buttery and flaky and the coarse salt on top just made everything better. Overall, I’m really glad that I ordered a pie flavor that had a top crust unlike the pecan and lemon options, just so I could eat as much crust as possible. The filling was wonderful too with plenty of big juicy slices upon slices of apple in a caramel sauce that was just the right amount of sweetness. I tried a bite of my friend’s malted chocolate pecan slice, and while that was super delicious too, I was just too obsessed with the crust to wish I had ordered anything else.

Whether you’re a Brooklynite looking for some good dessert, a Manhattanite looking to explore Brooklyn, or someone like me who will travel as long as it takes to get some amazing pie, you have to pay Four & Twenty Blackbirds a visit cause they’re working wonders over there.

Slice of salted caramel apple pie and hot apple cider

439 3rd Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11215

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