POSTO Thin Crust Pizza

I have to say that I’m lucky enough to have friends who work in the same area as I do. Yes, there could be friends at your company, but sometimes it’s just really nice to step outside and meet up with other people nearby to take a little break. I try not to go out to eat for lunch all the time since it can really add up, but when I do, it just makes my day much more pleasant.

Okay, enough mushy gushy stuff and get to the pizza right? I went to POSTO one weekday with a friend, who worked close by (try the FLATIRON BUILDING. So cool.). This friend is always down to let me pick whatever restaurant we go to, which is why we went somewhere a little bit out of the normal radius for how far someone is willing to walk to get lunch. Hey, you only get an hour and have to account for time to walk there and back you know.


There was barely anyone inside the restaurant despite it being the lunch hour, which I think was due to the fact I hinted at before that the place is just outside the normal “lunch-going” radius for those who work in Union Square or the Flatiron District.

We decided to split a formaggio bianco pizza, which came with mozzarella, pecorino, parmesan, ricotta, bechamel, and fresh arugula. I thought that the crust was great– thin and crunchy rather chewy, just how I like it. You could taste all the different kinds of cheeses without feeling too bogged down like a more cheese heavy pizza might make you feel (try Artichoke Pizza), while the arugula on top served as the perfect fresh finish and bit of green amongst all the carbs.

All in all, I thought it was a great lunch spot. The place was quiet and had a great ambiance, which is true I’m sure if you go there for dinner too. Now that I think about it, POSTO is actually one of the best pizzas I’ve had in New York City so far, because it tastes like something fancy, unlike those places where they heat up a slice or pie on display for you to eat, but is actually so wonderfully uncomplicated.

Formaggio bianco pie

310 2nd Ave 

New York, NY 10003

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