One of my roommates during the summer, who also happens to be one of my roommates now, loves mac ‘n cheese. Any time I find a place known for mac ‘n cheese or that has some sort of special menu item with mac ‘n cheese in it, I make sure to take her with me. This time though, she’s the one who gave me the scoop on S’MAC. Despite it being an extremely hot summer day, we trekked all the way from Morningside Heights to the East Village just to get some famous macaroni and cheese.

The store itself was fairly small but there were at least a couple tables, which is definitely not always the case in New York. I went with the Alpine which had gruyere and bacon in it, and the nosh size, which just means the small.IMG_3738I was actually a little disappointed in the size of my order. Yeah, I know I ordered the small, but it cost $7.25 so I was expecting a litttttle bit more. But in the end it was fine because I was perfectly satisfied. Did you hear that it’s not good to stuff your face until you’re bloated?  Guess I just have greedy eyes and I’m used to Texas sized portions! More importantly, I love mac ‘n cheese that’s baked and has breadcrumbs on top which is just what S’MAC does. So bravo there!

Alpine nosh

345 E 12th St
New York, NY 10003

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