P1060527Serendipity (n) : the art of making happy discoveries, or finding the unexpectedly pleasant by chance or sagacity

Despite the definition, I didn’t happen upon Serendipity by chance. I first learned about the place much like many others did–because of the movie by the same name where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale’s characters have some amazing looking frozen hot chocolate. This is another one of those places where because a movie was filmed here, there’s likely to be a ton of tourists around. But I’m no snob! Just because a place attracts a lot of tourists doesn’t always mean it’s bad. Well…sometimes. In the case of Serendipity, I think the place and their desserts are worth it for me to come back here no matter what kind of crowd it attracts.


There was about an hour wait when we went (should’ve known since there was a small crowd just hanging outside the entrance because there was no more place to wait inside), so we went to a nearby green area and sat on some benches while we waited. The cafe decor inside is cute and just the kind of thing that makes for a perfect first date–white bistro chairs, tile floor, eclectic decorations, and cool lighting. Now, I went here with my mom with the sole purpose of getting dessert, so I don’t know how the other menu items fare. But I can talk about the dessert, and it’s all good things.


We ordered a slice of chocolate blackout cake and of course, the famous, frrrozen hot chocolate. (Because you know what goes great with chocolate? chocolate!) The cake was decadent, and moist, and the frozen hot chocolate could best be described as a chocolate milkshake/melted chocolate ice cream hybrid. It was already a big serving, and they make sure to fill the serving dish up to the brim so that some spills over onto the plate beneath it. I’m down with that! I thoroughly enjoyed going back and forth between the cold hot chocolate and the rich chocolate cake. While the hot chocolate is the star of Serendipity, there are also plenty of other desserts to choose from like other frozen drinks and a wide assortment of sundaes. I’m actually getting angry at myself while writing this for not having gone back yet to try some more dessert!

And here’s a random fact for you. At Serendipity you can order a Golden Opulence Sundae that costs…drum roll please…$1,000! It holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive in the world, and you have to give the restaurant a 48 hour notice so they can fly in some necessary ingredients from around the world. Why so pricey? Well, the ice cream is made from special ingredients like vanilla beans from Tahiti,  the chocolate syrup is from one of the world’s most expensive chocolates, and to literally top it all off, it’s adorned with candied fruits, gold covered almonds, chocolate truffles, marzipan cherries, and edible 23-carat gold leaf and tiny flakes of gold. Yeah. Sounds amazing. But looks like I’ll have to stick to the $10 sundaes for now and believe me, I’ll enjoy it too.


Frrrozen hot chocolate and chocolate blackout cake

225 E 60th St
New York, NY 10022

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