Rice to Riches


What do you do when you’re getting tired of all those fro-yo places? You go to a place that’s the same idea but with…drum roll…RICE PUDDING. That’s right. There is actually a place in New York City where you get to choose from like 20 different flavors of rice pudding and put whatever glorious toppings you want on it. And it’s called Rice to Riches. Is this a joke?

The store itself is such a fun experience. The entrance looks some odd spaceship futuristic doorway, and once you’re inside you’re bombarded with hilarious signs like “Eat all you want, you’re already fat” and “Our rice pudding contains a secret ingredient…we can not share that secret with you at this time…however, it’s the same ingredient that gives viagra its magical power!”

I never really thought twice about rice pudding before, but this  place sure did make me think and think again. I finally settled on the almond and hazelnut chocolate flavors and then chose toasted coconut as my topping (almond, hazelnut, chocolate, and coconut happen to be my go-to fro-yo flavors).  To top everything off, the pudding is served in these great colorful, plastic containers that come with lids making it easy for you to take your dessert to-go (and to use as cool tupperware later on). Maybe this is a little embarrassing, but my mom actually snatched some of the empty containers left by other customers to take home. And wash before using of course!! I mean you can buy these containers at the store, so what a waste to just see them get thrown away! Don’t give me that look.


I’ve gone to Rice to Riches a couple more times, and each time I haven’t been able to finish my order, even when I order the smallest size, so don’t worry about the portion sizes. Oh, and as a last minute note…you can ship their rice pudding to anyone in the U.S. Share the goodness ya’ll!

Almond schmalmond and hazelnut chocolate bear hug with toasted coconut on top

37 Spring St
New York, NY 10012

3 thoughts on “Rice to Riches

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