I love when a restaurant’s menu allows me to try some odd food item that I’ve never had before. Sunchokes? Ok! Shark with blue cheese? Yes please! Chili foam? Sure! Falafel? Yeah! Oh,  wait, you’re trying to tell me falafel isn’t that weird? Well, you’re right. For some reason I had never tried falafel until this summer. It’s not like I was opposed to it. Good ol’ falafel and I just never crossed paths. I actually remember the first time I ever learned about these fried chickpea balls. I was watching the show Community and Abed was talking to his dad about taking over the family falafel business. Yeah, Community is a fairly recent show, so this is just reinforcing how in dark I was. But when I saw that episode, I remember doing a bunch of Googling. Falafel? What could this be…

Well when I finally tried falafel, I fell in love with it. I fell hard. I’m one of those people that will never in a million years eat a salad for lunch or even THINK about becoming a vegetarian, but something about this meatless wonder is just so delicious to me.

Oasis came about because I was headed to see an apartment in Brooklyn and needed to grab a quick bite to eat in the 15 minute break I had between apartment viewings (did I mention how much of a nightmare NYC apartment hunting is??) Well, as soon as I popped out of the subway station and into the light, there was Oasis. (Also, just realizing how great their restaurant name is now…)IMG_4636I was with my mom and I suggested that we order the shwarma and falafel and split them. Pro-tip: going out to eat with other people means you can all order different things and try more on the menu instead of ordering 3-4 things by yourself and looking like a crazy gluttonous pig. Yeah, I’ve been there. Dark, delicious times. Moving right along…the place was just what I needed. Fast, cheap, filling, and delicious. Overall, a very positive experience and a really great value. I think it says a lot that I enjoyed the falafel more than the shwarma. It’s kind of against my nature to enjoy the vegetarian option more than the meat option, so that is a very, very good sign.

Shwarma and falafel

161 N 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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