Nancy Lee’s Pig Heaven


Do you ever have those moments when you become familiar with an area and start to realize all these other places you’ve been to around there and how everything fits together? No? Well that happens to me almost every day in New York City and this is one of those places for me.  My mom and I ate here during the most stressful week of my life (see here) when we were looking for anything nearby our hotel since we were exhausted and oh so hungry. Well it turns out that I would eventually move into an apartment not too far away from this restaurant. Coincidences. Only took me a few weeks of living in the neighborhood to realize this though.


ANYWAYS, after a quick search on her iPhone for a highly rated restaurant nearby (thank you smart phones), my mom found a place called Nancy Lee’s Pig Heaven. I mean with a name like that right?? We found the place, got a table right away, and ordered the BBQ spare ribs and some beef pan-fried broad noodles. While both were good, I wanted the ribs to be a little more tender. I did love the sauce that came on the side with them though. I definitely slathered my ribs in that!


And yes, Nancy Lee was in fact at the restaurant when we were there. We didn’t get to talk to her, but I recognized her from the photos scattered around the restaurant. Since this is restaurant is so close to my place, I need to make an effort to try all the other pork items on their menu. Seamless get at me.

BBQ spare ribs, beef pan-fried broad noodles

1540 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10075

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