Luke’s Lobster

I love lobster. It’s one of my favorite foods and anytime I feel like treating myself to a nice meal or celebrating something then I will always suggest lobster. I almost convinced my family to eat it for our holiday dinner this past year, but alas, my brother thinks it’s “overrated” so my vote was trumped. Ugh. Brothers.


Moving to the East Coast meant that I would be surrounded by much more, if not much higher quality, seafood, so I was eager to try what this side of the U.S. had to offer. Over the summer, I heard about a chain called Luke’s Lobster around New York City that was famous for its lobster rolls. Although I loved lobster, I had only ever had it in pasta, bisque, or as grilled lobster tail. Never as a roll! I was intrigued. One of the locations happened to be close to Columbia University where I was staying over the summer for a publishing program. Well, if you count a 36 minute walk close. Yeah, that’s right. I walked 2 miles by myself one afternoon to try some of these famous lobster rolls. Are you starting to get the hint about how food obsessed I am?

I went with the standard option–lobster roll with a soda (some Maine root beer to complete the New England feel), chips, and a pickle. It was everything I could’ve asked for in a lobster roll. Big, juicy pieces of lobster between two buttery pieces of bread. I was so glad that they didn’t skimp out on the lobster meat, which I find is so often the case when ordering lobster dishes. If I’m ordering lobster then I would like to actually see it and have more than one bite of it please!! I’m curious how good their crab and shrimp rolls are (and if anyone actually orders these at a place called Luke’s Lobster), but now I know that anytime I crave some lobster, I can certainly get my fix here without disappointment.

Lobster roll with soda, chips, and pickle

426 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

(multiple locations)

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