Ohhh macarons. How I did not use to like you. There was always so much hype around them and when I finally tried them I was extremely disappointed. Sure they were pretty and colorful, but they weren’t very flavorful and the were a bit too chewy and stale. To me they just seemed like the kind of bite-size treats that fancy people get to show how fancy and cultured they are.


But then there was Ladurée. There was a line outside the door, so that was a good sign, but it moved quickly enough. They have their macarons shipped from France so yeah, that’s pretty legit. Not only that but there was such a wide variety of flavors. They had chocolate, lemon, caramel with salted butter, pistachio, coffee, vanilla, mint, you name it! They even had a flavor called “red fruits” whatever that means. I ordered one rose petal, because it seemed like the perfect delicate and dainty flavor for a delicate and dainty dessert, and one raspberry, because it’s one of my all-time favorite dessert flavors.

The macarons were flavorful and just the right texture, but expectedly pricey. The store looked like a boutique and the workers there looked like they were straight from France and were all busy wrapping up orders up in pretty little boxes. Overall though, I’m so glad that I got to try macarons that were made the right way instead of living my life thinking they were all nothing more than chewy rainbow things. Thanks Ladurée.IMG_3778

Rose petal and raspberry macarons

864 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10021

4 thoughts on “Ladurée

  1. i will make sure i try Laduree’s macarons in my next visit NY or when I revisit Paris. Every now and then I overhear correction being made as to the correct pronunciation. Thankfully, with explosive popularity of macarons, it is now making its name and beginning to be differentiated from the macaroons of my past.

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