Koronet Pizza

Over the summer, I did a publishing course at Columbia University. The course kept us pretty busy so we didn’t have too much time to go tramping about Manhattan, but we all soon had our favorite local delis and restaurants (Milano’s Market and their million giant sandwiches for the win). One of the local legends of Morningside Heights we quickly learned about was Koronet Pizza. On one of the pages of our welcome packet to Columbia and New York, there was mention of a pizza place with slices the size of your head. Sign me up!

Due to its convenient location to Columbia’s campus, there was no way I was going to finish that summer without a trip to Koronet.IMG_3626 As you can see, the legend is true. The slices are MASSIVE. Despite my pizza obsession, I could only eat half the slice. If I’m being honest, I really did think that I could eat all of it at once. The pizza was good, but I think that a lot of the appeal is in how big the slices are. On a different night, I was with some friends and we each got a slice of Koronet pizza to-go to bring back to our dorm. A friend of mine had her slice on a paper plate in a brown bag, and there was so much grease that it made a hole in the bag. To top it all off, all the cheese slipped off the slice through said hole and onto the sidewalk. So there’s that.

Slice of pepperoni pizza

2848 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

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