IMG_4064If I was the dessert team captain, cheesecake would undoubtedly be my last pick. Okay, lame analogy, but you get the point–cheesecake is one of my least favorite desserts. I’m not really sure about the reasoning behind my anti-cheesecake feelings, because I love cheese, I love cake, and I love desserts in general.

I’ve been waiting and waiting to find a cheesecake that I can get behind, and I’ve found it at Junior’s. Even though Junior’s bill to fame is its cheesecake, I went there with a friend to grab some dinner as well before we dove into a slice. I got one of their steakburgers as my main course, and it was HUGE. Seriously, the portions here are so big. Everything is a bit on the expensive side though, but that makes sense since the restaurant is in Midtown aka the tourist capital of NYC aka the stuff of nightmares.

While the food was solid, the star of the show is definitely their cheesecake. There’s about ten flavors for you to choose from, and I went with the raspberry swirl cheesecake. I think the way a lot of cheesecakes differ and are deemed either good or bad, is their texture, and I love the way Junior’s makes their’s. It’s thick yet creamy, and not too sweet or dry. The swirl of raspberry throughout added a nice jelly texture to the rich cheesecake. While it may be hard for me to convey to you just what makes these cheesecake so much better than the rest, you’ll just have to trust me. It’s lightyears better than any other I’ve had, and as soon as you take your first bite, you’ll be in cheesecake nirvana.


Raspberry swirl cheesecake

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

(multiple locations)

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