Insomnia Cookies

Back at the University of Texas, we had Tiff’s Treats, a place that would deliver warm, delicious cookies right to your doorstep. They even delivered to the library! Mmm healthy study snacks right? There were so many times when I wanted dessert, but it was too late or I was too lazy to go anywhere, and there was Tiff’s Treats to the rescue.

IMG_4301Now, in New York, I was oh so happy to find out that there’s a place JUST like Tiff’s Treats. Insomnia Cookies! Such an adorable and completely accurate name.  They offer a range of cookies from sugar to peanut butter chip to snickerdoodle that you can buy or get delivered, and when you get them at their store, they’re always warm. (I only say “at their store,” because one time I got them delivered when it was snowing and like -10 degrees and they weren’t so warm then.)

The first time I had Insomnia Cookies was in the summer when I desperately needed some kind of sweet treat. I remember previously passing by a place called Insomnia Cookies, and I decided to go search for it again.  I went with the chocolate chunk cookie and the white chocolate macademia cookie, and they were heavenly. So gooey. So buttery. And only $1.25 each!

Want to know something embarrassing? I now live ONE block away from Insomnia Cookies, and one time when it was cold, I got ONE cookie delivered to my apartment. No delivery minimum means me making enemies with delivery guys.

Chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia cookies

405 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10024

(multiple locations)

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