Il Bambino

I’ve been on a big kick lately of going to museums during their free or “pay-as-you-wish” admission days. I love museums, but I can’t really afford paying full price every time I go, because I go all the time and well, I rather spend my money on good food. Thankfully, almost every museum I’ve been to has these special admission price days. I wish I could support museums more. One of my life dreams is to be a big donor or benefactor to a museum (hey, just have to wait until I’m a millionaire or something right?), and I guess paying $1 makes me cheap in some people’s eyes, but I’ve seen people pay a penny before sooo yeah.

One day after work, I met up with my roommates to go to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. They had a Breaking Bad exhibit going on with the real props from the show that I desperately wanted to see. Now every time I plan to go to some kind of attraction or event, I look up in advance where to eat before or after because that’s always part of the fun too. I haven’t been to or explored Queens very much, so I just trusted Yelp to lead me in the right direction.IMG_5141

We found a place called Il Bambino within walking distance and great reviews, so we headed there after the museum, which by the way was very cool and had tons of props and costumes from various TV shows and movies. Il Bambino is a super cute cafe that specializes in different kinds of paninis. After looking at the menu, I knew I wanted something with porchetta because I had never tried it before, but I also really wanted something with cheese (of course). To my dismay, no one option was going to satisfy my cravings. Then, my dreams came true when the waiter came by and announced that today’s special was a porchetta panini with mac n cheese and truffle aioli. Uhh…what?!? YES! Check on the porchetta, check on the cheese, and truffle anything will always catch my eye.

The panini was heavenly and filling. The bread was perfectly toasted and crunchy and the porchetta and mac ‘n cheese were decadently delicious together. Every now and then, I still dream about that panini, and the next time I find myself in Queens I’ll have to pay those guys at Il Bambino another visit.

Porchetta, mac n’ cheese, and truffle aioli panini

34-08 31st Ave
New York, New York 11106

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