Big Gay Ice Cream


I love when friends visit me in New York City, because it gives me all the more reason to eat like a pig. Oh, and it’s good to spend time with friends too. Seriously though! Good food and good friends are all I need.

This summer I had a friend come down from upstate New York for a weekend. After grabbing some dumplings in Chinatown at Prosperity Dumpling, we headed to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (and along the way we passed by Michael Cera on the street. Not my closest celebrity encounter but still pretty cool). Thankfully, this friend is totally cooperative with my need for dessert after basically every meal. The place was packed, so we took our orders and ate on a bench outside (which I think actually belonged to the dessert place next door?…awkward).IMG_3989

Now me being the food fiend that I am, I had already looked at the menu online and knew just what I wanted to get–the salty pimp, which has vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip. Soft serve isn’t my favorite type of ice cream but Big Gay does it right. I could only peek at how they made the ice cream, but I want to say that they somehow managed to roll the ice cream in sea salt, inject caramel into it, and then dip it in chocolate which hardened into a shell. Ice cream magic man. I have to say, this ice cream cone is what made me an avid believer in the sea salt and chocolate combination. Also, they give you these little plastic dripping catchers around your cone making it a little less messy to enjoy your dessert. Cute and delicious, win win!

The salty pimp

125 E 7th St
New York, NY 10009

4 thoughts on “Big Gay Ice Cream

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