Beard Papa’s


The first time I saw a Beard Papa’s cream puff was on Instagram, and I had no idea what it was. It looked so flaky and light and delicious and I needed one now. Well, it only took me about a year or two to finally taste one, but the point is I got one eventually.

During the summer I spent at Columbia, I explored Morningside Heights and the Upper Westside quite a bit. Despite my wanderings, I never saw Beard Papa’s (probably because it was under scaffolding at the time). But in a random flash of memory, I remembered that one Instagram photo taken in New York and realized that this was my time to complete my cream puff quest. Lo and behold, Beard Papa’s was only a short walk away.


When you look at the Beard Papa’s website, you’re bombarded with what seems like a million flavors. Peach, sweet potato, cherry, holiday, chocolate banana…drooling yet? Well, the site got my hopes up because when I went to the store I realized that you could only get the original vanilla flavor or the flavor of the day. Alas, my dreams of ordering one of each flavor were dashed. No matter, I wasn’t going to be let down this easily after waiting so long to finally try these treats.

I opted for vanilla, because the flavor of the day was green tea and I felt like that was a little too off the beaten path for my first cream puff experience. Might as well start off with the original! They take the little premade puffs and inject them with the cream right when you order them so the light, crispy puff stays that way. It also blends wonderfully well with the delicious and generous serving of vanilla cream filling inside. Compared to a slice of cake or an ice cream cone, Beard Papa’s cream puffs are great little treats that will satisfy your dessert cravings without making you feel too stuffed or heavy afterwards.

Yeah, I’m just a little bit addicted.


Classic vanilla cream puff

2167 Broadway
New York, NY 10024

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