Taqueria Coatzingo

When I came to New York for a week with my mom to look for an apartment, we stayed at a hotel in Queens. There was NO way we were going to blow money for 7 nights at some Manhattan hotel. That money is-and was-much better spent on food like Ippudo, Nancy Lee’s Pig Heaven, and Rice to Riches and shows like Kinky Boots and Pippin. Nothing wrong with mixing business with pleasure, am I right?

Well, us posting up in Queens actually turned out to be a great thing, because it let me explore a borough that I rarely visit now. And the sad thing is that there is so much great food to be had there! I feel like every place I’ve eaten at in Queens has been authentic and delicious (see Il Bambino). Plus, my mom, my FILIPINO mom, was overjoyed when we found a Red Ribbon Bakeshop while walking around Queens and actually got mad at me when we didn’t eat there instead.

Taqueria Coatzingo is the perfect example of a restaurant that I probably would’ve never tried had I not been staying in Queens. Even though I heard great things about it, it’s just seems so far from everything else unless you’re already in the area. But if you are in the area, you should definitely give it a try.


I think we went here when it was around 10 or 11 at night (the place doesn’t close until like 1:30), but there were still plenty of people inside. By that time we were starving, and thankfully we were able to order and get our food quickly. I ordered three tacos- chicken, beef, and pork, and I was nowhere near able to finish all of it.  They come cone-shaped and filled with onions, cilantros, and what I’m going to call guacamole even though I’ve never had any this liquidy before. Or maybe it’s just some kind of unique green sauce creation? I don’t know, but it was awesome. Even better, the place was cheap. I think the tacos were like $2.50 each or something. After getting used to shelling out at least $10 per meal in Manhattan, this place was a welcome change. I don’t know how rest of the food at Taqueria Coatzingo fares, but they sure know how to do tacos.

Pollo, beef, and carnitas tacos

7605 Roosevelt Ave
New York 11372

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