Georgetown Cupcake


During my first week of work, my mom was still in town, so I was able to rationalize eating out for basically every meal even though I already had an apartment with a kitchen (ish). I felt like completing my third day of work was a perfectly acceptable reason to celebrate, so we went to Georgetown Cupcake, which I was already familiar with from the show DC Cupcakes.

I know there’s some people out there who are totally against trendy food places like a store devoted to cupcakes, or donuts, or rice pudding, but I’m all over stuff like that. I feel like it’s always a cute experience, and the places are often experts at whatever it is that they’re making because that’s all they’re making.

I love how at Georgetown Cupcakes you get to see into their little baking area, complete with a bright pink, glittery mixer and towers of pink to-go boxes. It’s always comforting when you can see exactly how a place is making your food or how clean the kitchen is.IMG_4793

I went with the chocolate ganache cupcake while my mom went with the traditional chocolate and vanilla one. By the way, whoever thought of combining heavy cream and chocolate…thank you. I loved this cupcake because it was so wonderfully moist. In a perfect world, Georgetown Cupcakes’ cakes would join forces with Magnolia Bakery’s icing to create the perfect power cupcake. Despite this icing preference, the cupcake was still great, one of the best I’ve had even, and just the right thing for whenever you need to celebrate your third day of work. Which is definitely something everyone should do.

Chocolate ganache cupcake

111 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012

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